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Arduino Due - SPI

The Arduino Due has 2 SPI units on board and when configured as Master uses 4 chip select lines to allow selection of up to 16 slaves per SPI unit. The SPI Controller is a sophisticated controller that can be configured in a variety of ways that should solve most serial communications needs.

Using an Arduino UNO timer to emulate threading

I'm working on an DLSR Pan Tilt project I found on thingiverse. It's a nice project designed for a small DLSR camera with a fairly good range. I plan on mounting a Raspberry Pi with an attached PiCam so I can do some time lapse photography.

Arduino Due - PIO

This is the first in a series of articles that will cover the inner workings of the Arduino Due 32bit board based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Each article in this series will cover a discrete sub-system within the micro controller and in this first article we will begin with a discussion of the Parallel I/O controller.

Flip jQuery plugin for previewing web content

The Flip jQuery plugin is a light weight extension that allows the user to type raw HTML and CSS in a textarea and have the ability to preview the formatted content in a div area without reloading the page. Use this extension in place of a blotted HTML editor like CKEditor when all you need is a simple light weight control.

File Manager - DRAFT

For quite some time I've had the need for a PHPless file manager for my web apps, not a real sophisticated control just a simple control that had basi functionality such as; browse, directory create/delete, and the ability to upload files. Oh and did I mention free? I couldn't find anything that I could use so I decided to develop one and this tutorial will show you how to create your own and I've provided a download that includes the download control.

DIY 3D Printer filament dry box

3D Printer Filament, while not expensive per unit can add up when you have a number of rolls and protecting your investment against mositure is important. You could spend a lot of money on a prebuilt box but you can make one for a lot less, depending on options.

3D Priniting - 101

In the last couple of years the price of 3D Printers has dropped considerably and 3D Printing has become affordable for we mere mortals with models ranging from less than $200, think Walmart to many thousands of dollars. There are a lot of printers available offering various shapes, configurations and options because of this when I got ready to buy a printer I did a lot of research and asked for advice from friends that had printers, consequently I narrowed my list down to two printers that would fulfill my requirements.

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